¿Está la tecnología 5G lista para IoT?

Is 5G Ready For IoT? 5G is finally here. This year, we’ve seen the first 5G networks going live for consumers in the US, the UK, and South Korea. It’s the first generation of cellular network technology designed with IoT applications in mind and will make a big difference in the medium- to long-term. But, for anyone planning an IoT project right now, what are 5G’s benefits…


Chatbots y automatización de procesos robóticos: un nuevo paradigma de interfaz humana y de máquina

Chatbots And Robotic Process Automation: A New Paradigm Of Human And Machine Interface As the new workhorse for the organization, artificial intelligence (AI)-powered bots are expected to transform the way business processes will be executed and employees transact with systems. Bots coupled with robotic process automation (RPA) can help business executives benefit by moving away from repetitive tasks to focus on deep thinking and creative work.…