El gasto en AI, el despliegue de automatización inteligente y las valoraciones de tecnología sanitaria hacen que la cuarta revolución industrial salte a la siguiente etapa del Gartner Hype Cycle

03 Oct 2019

AI spending, intelligent automation rollout and healthtech valuations see fourth industrial revolution jump to next stage in Gartner Hype cycle

Fourth industrial revolution gets shot in the arm as AI spending and intelligent automation rollout surge while healthtech valuations soar. Is the tech disillusionment phase of Gartner Hype cycle over?

It’s been a hat-trick. Three reports, three pieces of evidence that the fourth industrial revolution is gathering steam. See it in terms of the Gartner Hype Cycle, which divides the technology cycle into stages around initial hype, disillusionment, before the technology finally starts to fulfil potential. There has been no shortage of commentary that AI is little more than a buzzword, automation technologies such as RPA are over hyped, while healthtech has often failed to live up to expectations. Then again, it always is thus, new technology often does attract a lot of wild claims, leading to some kind of crash, before it finally fulfils potential. Maybe we are finally reaching that point when potential is realised.

Take AI, it’s well known that many companies claim to offer AI, when in fact they provide no such thing.

Even people who are quite bullish about the potential impact of AI think it is being subjected to too much hype. For example, in a recent interview with Information Age, Richard Tang, founder of ISP Zen, who has often warned about the dangers of artificial general intelligence, argued that many so called AI products are nothing of the sort. He gave as an example, “a toothbrush that can talk to the cloud via 5G, or a fridge that talks to a cooker to tell it how long to cook a chicken.” The marketing blurb calls it AI, “but it’s not AI, it’s flow charts,” he said.

Source: Information Age

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