La planta del futuro: desafíos actuales en la gestión integrada de activos empresariales

The Future Plant: Current Challenges In Integrated Enterprise Asset Management Asset management has changed significantly since Horst started working as a machine technician at a manufacturing plant 20 years ago. As he’s climbed the career letter to become an asset manager, Horst has created a modern maintenance environment that solves many of the industry’s most pressing problems. Back in the days when he was…

05 Jun 2020

¿Está la tecnología 5G lista para IoT?

Is 5G Ready For IoT? 5G is finally here. This year, we’ve seen the first 5G networks going live for consumers in the US, the UK, and South Korea. It’s the first generation of cellular network technology designed with IoT applications in mind and will make a big difference in the medium- to long-term. But, for anyone planning an IoT project right now, what are 5G’s benefits…


Tenova TAKRAF describe su viaje en la Industria 4.0 y IIoT

Tenova TAKRAF outlines its Industry 4.0 and IIoT journey Tenova TAKRAF is a highly specialised supplier of machines and services in the fields of mining, materials handling and minerals processing. As such, it boasts a large base of installed machines that daily generate valuable data from which it can gain information regarding optimisation of design, operation and maintenance or even troubleshooting. In a recent…

31 Jul 2019