La transformación digital de Osinergmin durante la emergencia sanitaria

El Organismo Supervisor de la Inversión en Energía y Minería (Osinergmin) indicó que durante la emergencia sanitaria, aceleró su proceso de transformación digital, labor que continuará en este 2021. Entre mayo y diciembre de 2020, ha recibido más de 74,000 documentos a través de la Ventanilla Virtual y se trata del primer servicio digital implementado por la entidad durante el periodo de pandemia por…


Tendencias clave de negocios y tecnología en 2020 para empresas

Key Business And Technology Trends In 2020 For Enterprises As we move deeper into the new year, here some of the key business and technology trends that are shaping the enterprise world in 2020. Blockchain As organizations start building more expertise and understanding around the power of blockchain, more new business models will emerge based on the distributed digital ledger technology architecture. This will result…

04 Feb 2020

Programa de certificación CERA blockchain para rastrear credenciales de sostenibilidad de materia prima

CERA blockchain certification program to track raw material sustainability credentials DMT GmbH & Co has announced the launch of CERA, the first global certification scheme to guarantee a consistent standard of environmental, social and economic impact throughout the entire raw materials value chain, it says. CERA will begin pilot projects focusing on the mining and exploration of lithium and cobalt in late 2019. Currently, at least 40 different certification schemes…

05 Nov 2019

MineRP se asociará con Karuschain para adoptar una plataforma blockchain

MineRP to partner with Karuschain to adopt blockchain platform Mining software and consultations provider MineRP has signed a letter of intent (LoI) to partner with blockchain platform Karuschain. As part of the signing, MineRP will adopt Karuschain’s blockchain platform creating a path for data immutability and traceability in the mining and precious metals industry. The proposed partnership aims at creating an opportunity for further…

03 Oct 2019

Mindtree se une a Hyperledger para acelerar el desarrollo de blockchain

Mindtree joins Hyperledger to accelerate blockchain development Mindtree has joined Hyperledger, where experts collaborate with network peers to research and advance open-source blockchain technologies Mindtree, the global technology services and digital transformation company, has joined Hyperledger, an open source collaborative effort created to advance cross-industry blockchain technologies. Mindtree said that joining as a general member will enable it to accelerate the development of its…

31 Jul 2019

Desenredar la cadena de bloques: desacreditando mitos y descubriendo el éxito

Untangling the blockchain: debunking myths and uncovering success The 10th anniversary of bitcoin this year rightly prompted a lot of soul-searching amongst blockchain proponents. While the demand for industry-specific engineers is skyrocketing, many senior industry figures are increasingly sceptical that the technology will have any application in the real world. According to Forrester’s 2019 predictions for CIOs, blockchain will only be embraced by enterprises…

06 Mar 2019