La programación es una actividad compleja y crítica que tiene un gran impacto en los resultados de las empresas mineras.

13 Dic 2022

Scheduling is a complex and critical activity that has a major impact on the bottom line in mining companies

Since 2003, Actenum has led the way in developing scheduling software that drives business value by increasing operational efficiency, reducing non-productive time, and improving project team collaboration.

Actenum is a little different when it comes to collaborating with customers. The company will stay in regular touch with you, and is always ready to help when you face new challenges its DSO/Mine software may be able to address.

And hearing what you are doing, and thinking is critical, as the company wants to implement features that matter to you.

Actenum DSO/mine

Actenum DSO/Mine is Actenum’s decision support optimisation tool for mining and is an advanced AI-driven automatic scheduling tool to rapidly and effectively build and manage an operational schedule for multiple aspects of mining operations, including core drilling, drill and blast, mucking, load haul dump, dewatering, and other critical activities, in a single, cloud-based or on-premise solution.

DSO/mine transforms mining operations

Today’s mining operations require continuous oversight, actionable insights, and contingency planning, just to meet daily challenges. Production operations, short interval control, maintenance and shutdowns, ore logistics, and reclamation all require a level of efficiency that is difficult to obtain without the right software scheduling solution.

Reducing non-productive time, allocating appropriate resources, and understanding the impact of unexpected changes in today’s schedule enables management to make key decisions with confidence.

Insight and control at all times, with one solution

Using the latest technological advances for intelligent scheduling – and deploying on-premise or in the cloud – DSO/Mine enables you to ensure you have the right resources, in the right place, at the right time.

Fuente: Australian Mining

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