Entrenamiento simulador inmersivo para cerrar la brecha entre operaciones tripuladas y autónomas en Quellaveco

06 Ene 2020

Located in the Moquegua region in the south of Peru, Anglo American’s Quellaveco is one of the world’s largest undeveloped copper deposits. Part of the mine plans are to transition to autonomous haulage systems, and Quellaveco will utilise simulation-based training and workforce development solutions from Immersive Technologies to improve the efficiency of new operator training, ensuring its long-term productivity.

Recruiting local workforce from Moquegua has been a priority for Quellaveco’s project and it will always be during the mining operation. Anglo American is continually working with local and educational authorities to train and develop new specialised personnel for a significant impact. The mine site will take delivery of a fleet of Caterpillar Autonomous trucks (794ACs), which will be loaded by Caterpillar electric and hydraulic shovels equipped with Cat® MineStar™ Command for Hauling systems.

To train and develop a local workforce for a greenfield operation, Anglo American Quellaveco has invested in simulators and learning systems from Immersive Technologies. The new mine will be running autonomous truck operations once operators are proficient in how to interact with the autonomous haulage environment.

With increased role complexity, using an effective and efficient training approach is important in effectively preparing many personnel in a short period of time, while consistently measuring, assessing and optimising skills to determine permit-to-work. Additionally, in-field training time must be minimised to avoid impact on production.

“Anglo American have appealed to Immersive Technologies’ experience in the mining simulation field to close the gap between manned vs autonomous operations while training local operators with the latest available technology. We want to become the benchmark and set the trend of modern, innovative and sustainable mining in the region” says, Andres Zuñiga, Talent and Development Superintendent at Anglo American.

Investing in Immersive Technologies’ training solutions will speed up the training to provide sufficient operators for the mining operations (both manned and autonomous operations) and at the same time reduce the risk in achieving the required ramp-up to full commercial operations. The transitional period to bring the complete fleet of autonomous trucks into operation, will require specific sets of skills and new roles.

Human error has a significant impact on autonomous haulage system productivity. The systems being supplied by Immersive Technologies, have been demonstrated to enable personnel in in-field roles, to build the required skills and to decrease human error in the use of autonomous haulage systems.

“Operators will be involved in every stage of the transition; Immersive Technologies simulators would support this process by providing multiple simulation training solutions to generate multi-functional operators in a safe and controlled environment while being efficient,” says Bryce Mancell, Technology & Systems Eng. Superintendent, Mining and Technology at Anglo American.

With deployments of simulation-based autonomous training solutions on 16 autonomous haulage sites around the world, Immersive Technologies has global expertise in understanding the key training needs arising from autonomous implementations. Immersive Technologies will support Anglo American Quellaveco at every step of the process while utilising blended learning systems, simulation and human performance analytics to address the implementation risks related to Quellaveco’s project.

Source: International Mining

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